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Round Floral Enamel Earrings

Round Floral Enamel Earrings


Lovingly patterned after an antique original, these carefully designed French enamel and crystal gold earrings share their inspired loveliness. With their delicate charms and petite floral detail, these Swarovski crystal-encrusted gold and enamel earrings are sure to suit the romantic with their subtle sparkle and certain elegance.
1 1/4".

Learn More About Our French Jewelry

Fashioned in France from a private collection of antique jewelry molds, we are pleased to offer sparkling pieces inspired by eras both Victorian and Deco alike. Romantic and interesting, we find each piece to be just as unusual and unique as the next. With their gold and silverplated designs and glittering Swarovski crystals and pearls, we are confident you will admire this collection much like we do as we find ourselves taken with their certain loveliness and nostalgic, timeless allure.

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Round Floral Enamel Earrings Round Floral Enamel Earrings
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