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Vintage French Béret Label Ribbon - One Yard

Vintage French Béret Label Ribbon - One Yard


Found at market outside of Paris, we are charmed by these beautifully woven unused fabric béret labels. With an intricate jacquard weave, these delightful labels were expressly designed for a brand of classic French bérets made in the Basque region of France. With the name "Alaska", these haute fantaisie (high fantasy) bérets were intended pour tous les sports (for every sport), but with an eye undoubtedly on the snow-covered slopes of the Pyrenees mountain range that runs through the Basque region of southwestern France. 

Featuring a dapper pair, (one holding skis and dressed for the slopes and one in stylish city attire), the labels are in an elegant palette of gray, black and white and are still woven together as a long ribbon. Found on the original spool, we've cut them into approximately one yard lengths which includes 11 labels. 

Perfect for tying up a gift with a very French bow or adding a charming patch to your own haute fantaisie garment, these authentic béret labels are full of je ne sais quoi French style!

Strictly limited quantities and subject to prior sale. Label ribbons measure 38.5" in length x 2" in width. Individual labels measure 3.5" x 2".

Learn More About Bérets

Long associated with artists, film directors, poets and bohemians, the black wool beret is also a timeless French fashion statement. With its snug fit around the head, the beret can be “shaped” in a variety of stylish angles. Whether pushed to one side, sitting atop one’s head, or pulled down to cover the forehead, the manner of wearing the beret has no universal rule - it's all about the attitude! 

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Vintage French Béret Label Ribbon - One Yard Vintage French Béret Label Ribbon - One Yard
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