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French Vine Peach Preserves

French Vine Peach Preserves


From master jam maker Bernard Le Gulvout, we are pleased to present a magnificent collection of the very best confits.  Mssr. Le Gulvout is located in the Langedoc Roussillon region of France and is an "artisan du goût" - an artisan of taste, and his family-owned company uses only the finest and freshest ingredients to produce the most flavorful fruit and flower spreads.

Made with the highest quality vine peaches, this jam is full of flavor and is truly delicious. The vine peach was a Victorian era delicacy, and thanks to traditional processes, it still is today. Enjoy this culinary delight, by mixing it in with yogurt, spreading it on toast or shortbread cookies. Use this delectable jam as a cake filling, spread it on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or make thumbprint cookies with it.

11.3 ounces. Ingredients: Vine Peaches, Cane Sugar, Concentrated Lemon Juice, Fruit Pectin

Learn More About Vine Peaches

Vine Peaches are not the stone fruit most us are familiar with, but are actually small baseball size melons that are highly aromatic with a flavor similar to a very mildly flavored honeydew. Their perfumed aroma will draw you in, sometimes from across the room or garden. And a couple of vine peaches in a bowl will perfume the room with their namesake scent – peaches and mangoes.

Vine peaches seem to have originated in China or ancient Egypt (or both) over 2,000 years ago from recorded evidence and travelled over the Silk Road through trade and migration to wind up in Turkey and by the mid-1800s were found in Europe and soon thereafter in the Americas.

With their mild, melon flavor and naturally low sugar content, they make wonderfully unique preserves!

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French Vine Peach Preserves French Vine Peach Preserves
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