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Claridge's Cocktail Book

Claridge's Cocktail Book


"...Not that I intend to die, but when I do, I don't want to go to heaven, I want to go to Claridge's'" - Spencer Tracy

Classic cocktails, original creations and modern libations from the Art Deco jewel in the heart of London's Mayfair - the celebrated setting for drinks with the great, the good and the bright young things of every generation since 1856.

This glorious guide contains all the inspiration you'll need for the cocktail hour, with a spirited selection of more than 500 recipes suitable for every occasion. Whatever your tastes and wherever your location, this new bartender's bible will enable you to share the magic of Claridge's with family and friends, from your own cocktail cabinet.

Co-authored by Denis Broci (Director of Bars) and Nathan McCarley-O'Neill (Director of Mixology), this handsome volume encompasses classics from every period in Claridge's history, new inventions that reflect the evolution of the art of drink-making and drinks of every style from every elegant space within this grand institution. Whether you prefer something sparkling, sweet, stirred, complex, sharp, refreshing, bracing or sour, an inviting glass awaits.

"When I pass through the revolving doors into the glamorous lobby of Claridge's in London, I always feel a thrill. You enter a world of sophistication and wonderful service... Claridge's is my ultimate treat" - Lulu Guinness

Hardcover. 224 pages. 7.8" x 10.05"

Learn More About Claridge's Hotel

For over a century Claridge's Hotel in London has enjoyed the patronage of the most illustrious families, leaders and dignitaries from around the world. In the heart of Mayfair, the hotel is within easy reach of Bond Street, Regent Street, Berkeley Square, Grosvenor Square and Hyde Park.

Claridge’s first seed was sown in 1812, when James Mivart opened a hotel in the house at 51 Brook Street. The hotel was designed for guests who wished to stay in London for longer periods of time and apartments were let by the month, rather than by the night. The Great Exhibition of 1851 brought a great influx of visitors to London, and foreign royalty including the Grand Duke Alexander of Russia and King William III of the Netherlands made Mivart’s their home away from home.

A few doors down, 49 Brook Street had always been a separate hotel, run by husband and wife William and Marianne Claridge. In 1854 they purchased Mivart’s; Mivart, now in his 70s, was able to retire, and the Claridges owned the entire row of houses from no. 49 to the corner of the block. Claridge’s, as the hotel would now be known, continued to attract the best of British and foreign aristocracy. Perhaps its greatest seal of approval came when Queen Victoria arrived with Prince Albert to visit the Empress Eugènie of France, who had made Claridge’s her winter quarters in 1860.

Claridge’s truly came into its own after the First World War, when many aristocrats were forced to sell their London homes. Keeping a house in London which one might only use for six months of the year had become very expensive. Renting a suite at Claridge's was a great deal cheaper as the hiring and keeping of staff was no longer an issue.

Claridge’s was fortunate to escape bombing during World War II, and remained a popular social gathering spot. Many royal families who found themselves exiled from their own countries as war raged across Europe made their way to the familiar haven that was Claridge’s. Notable among them was King Peter of Yugoslavia, exiled from his country in 1941 and his son, Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia was born in Suite 212 in July 1945. Indeed even the British Royal Family became familiar with Claridge’s standards of hospitality and service, and chose to host many of their own private family parties at the hotel. 

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