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French Fig and Walnut Confit

French Fig and Walnut Confit


From master jam maker Bernard Le Gulvout, we are pleased to present a magnificent collection of the very best confits.  Mssr. Le Gulvout is located in the Langedoc Roussillon region of France and is an "artisan du goût" - an artisan of taste, and his family-owned company uses only the finest and freshest ingredients to produce the most flavorful fruit and flower spreads.

Produced using less sugar than jam and cooked slowly in small batches over a longer period of time, confit captures the purest flavors of fruit and flowers at their peak of perfection. On crêpes, waffles, scones, with yogurt, cottage cheese, fresh cheese and in sweet and savory recipes, stir a small spoonful into a cup of hot tea to add delicate sweetness and delicious complex flavor. As the flavors of confit are more intense than jam, a smaller amount is needed. 

Created especially for cheese, this delicious Fig and Walnut confit is made using only the finest Black Bourjassotte figs grown in Provence. A firm and fleshy fig, they are the very best of Provence and are harvested selectively to ensure top quality.  The natural flavor of the figs is further enhanced by the addition of a small amount of premium walnuts and white wine.  Pair this delightful confit with goat cheeses or even a flavorful blue for a perfect, nuanced flavor combination.

4.4 ounces.

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