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Rue de Marli Foaming Bath

Rue de Marli Foaming Bath


The work of skilled artisans, this nourishing Foaming Bath crafted in the classic French style is inspired by Parisian apothecaries. 

Made from enriched shea butter and coconut oil, sweet almond and aragon oil, this 100% organic Foaming Bath is made according to 16th century methods.

Infused with the natural fragrances of pine oil, Italian cypress, and red sandalwood, the Bois Precieux fragrance is carefully crafted in France. We are completely taken by the hydrating, clean, complex, and heady offerings of Rue de Marli. Let it transport you to Paris!

1 liter.

The French apothecaries of Rue de Marli are inspired by natural botanicals and herbs. Committed to the traditional soap-making practices of the 16th century, this 100% certified organic line uses all plant-based oils and ingredients in their collection of soaps, lotions, fragrance, and candles.

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Rue de Marli Foaming Bath
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