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Vintage Hotel Flatware - Serving Spoon

Vintage Hotel Flatware - Serving Spoon


Gathered from hotels, restaurants & estates throughout Great Britain, our Vintage Hotel Serving Spoons are all meticulously reconditioned & replated in hotel-weight silver. They are not a reproduction, they are the genuine article. Generally dating from before World War II, the serving spoons are a perfect example of the quality and craftsmanship that exemplified the British silver industry.

The patterns are typically based on eighteenth-century English & French sterling silver prototypes. Some pieces are more ornate, some are simple. They may be ornamented with a monogram, heraldic crest or the name of a hotel, restaurant or cafe.

Each piece is unique, each piece is lovely - please allow us to choose one for you.   Between 8" and 9" in length.

Did you Know?

Before about 1700, people generally brought their own spoons to the table. Spoons were carried as personal property in much the same way as people today carry wallets, key rings or mobile phones.

From about 1700 the place setting became popular, and with it the "table-spoon," "table-fork," and "table-knife." Beginning in the 18th century and exploding during the Victorian era, there was a proliferation of different sorts of spoons, including the tea-spoon, coffee-spoon, dessert-spoon, and soup-spoon.

In Britain, the dessert-spoon and soup-spoon began to displace the table-spoon as the primary implement for eating from a bowl, at which point the name "table-spoon" took on a secondary meaning as a much larger serving spoon. 

At the time the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary was published, "tablespoon" (which by then was no longer hyphenated) still had two definitions: the original definition (eating spoon) and the new definition (serving spoon). By the time of the second edition, the first definition was relegated to "also, occasionally".


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Vintage Hotel Flatware - Serving Spoon Vintage Hotel Flatware - Serving Spoon
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