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Vintage Hotel Flatware - Fork

Vintage Hotel Flatware - Fork



Gathered from hotels, restaurants, cafés, ocean liners, railroads & estates throughout Great Britain, our Vintage Hotel Flatware is all meticulously reconditioned & replated in hotel-weight silver. Our flatware is not a reproduction, it is the genuine article. Generally dating from before World War II, this flatware is a perfect example of the quality & craftsmanship that exemplified the British silver industry. The patterns are typically based on eighteenth-century English & French sterling silver prototypes. Some pieces are more ornate, some are more simple. They may be ornamented with a monogram, heraldic crest or the name of a hotel, restaurant or café.  Each piece is unique, each piece is lovely. 

Please choose either Dinner or Salad/Dessert Fork from the options menu above.  Dishwasher safe, but hand-washing preserves their shine. Dinner Forks are approximately 7 3/4" in length, while Salad/Dessert Forks are approximately 7" in length.

Please be aware that since our flatware is indeed vintage and "found", sizes may vary slightly from placesetting to placesetting. Sizes may also vary from standard American flatware;  the biggest difference being tablespoons tend to be a bit larger, while teaspoons tend to be a bit smaller than their contemporary American counterparts. 

Thank you for allowing us to choose a beautiful mix of forks for you and rest assured that we have the highest standards and will only send you that which we are very proud of.

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Vintage Hotel Flatware - Fork Vintage Hotel Flatware - Fork
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