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"Rooster of Fortune" Pitcher

"Rooster of Fortune" Pitcher


Stick your beak in any Italian kitchen and chances are you'll spot La Brocca di Gallo.

In a legend dating from the early Renaissance period in Florence, Giuliano de Medici, younger brother of family patriarch Lorenzo, was narrowly saved from assassination by an unlikely gang of allies - roosters! 

Disturbed before dawn by stealthy intruders, pastoral and village barnyard roosters alike erupted into a magnificent frenzied cacophony, spurring the would-be assassins to flee for fear of discovery. As a celebration of his fortuitous escape, Giuliano commissioned artisans to create wine vessels in the likeness of these heroic birds. Pitchers were offered as a token of gratitude to the feudal farmers whose lively flocks had preserved the kingdom and the themed stoneware soon became a fashionable symbol of good luck and protection throughout Florence.

Cast from an original pitcher found at market in Italy, this delightful Rooster of Fortune Pitcher combines a contemporary bright white glaze with a classic figural silhouette. Now beloved as a thoughtful housewarming or family gift, this charming Rooster of Fortune pitcher is sure to grace the breakfast table or stand guard perched on a high shelf, bringing its comforting heritage and legacy of good fortune to your kitchen.

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe. Pitcher measures 3" in diameter x 5" tall.

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"Rooster of Fortune" Pitcher "Rooster of Fortune" Pitcher "Rooster of Fortune" Pitcher "Rooster of Fortune" Pitcher "Rooster of Fortune" Pitcher "Rooster of Fortune" Pitcher
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