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Satin Band Hotel Napkins - Set of 6

Satin Band Hotel Napkins - Set of 6


Milled in France, a generous 22" square white cotton napkin woven with a lovely damask satin band border.  Produced for use in restaurants, hotels, cafés and bistros, these elegant napkins will withstand years of use; laundering and drying beautifully.  They are milled in the preferred European method: two edges have a selvedge edge and two edges are cut and sewn.  Since the loom is set to exactly 22" for their production, they are able to hold their shape much better than a napkin that has been cut and sewn on all four edges.

We've carried these napkins for years and they are one of our favorites.  We're quite confident they'll become your favorites too!

100% cotton. Machine wash warm with like colors, tumble dry low.

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Satin Band Hotel Napkins - Set of 6
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