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Antique Wooden Wine Cellar Plaque - "217"

Antique Wooden Wine Cellar Plaque - "217"


To tell the history of France's great wines would fill a library of books. Wine has been around for thousands of years in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean, but the French actually made it a part of their culture and have considered wine-making an art for over two thousand years.

Wine has been produced in what is now France since the 6th century and not only did the French know how to cultivate the vine, they also knew how to prune it. Pruning created an important distinction in the difference between wild vines and wine-producing vines. Before long, the exceptional wines produced in France were famous all around the world.

One of important steps in the creation of a great wine, is the ability to properly store that wine in an environment that allows it to mature undisturbed. The French wineries built vast underground wine cellars or caves, to ensure their prized wines were protected from fluctuations in light, temperature and humidity. Large cellars were a maze of intersecting underground tunnels with bottles carefully stacked from dirt floor to vaulted brick or stone ceiling, resting in the dimly lit coolness and humidity. Each winery would also develop a system to organize their wines within the cellar using signage created to allow workers to find specific vintages or varietals.

From the markets in the southwest of France, we were thrilled to have found this antique hand-painted wooden wine cellar plaque. Crafted from a thick piece of wood, the plaque has been cut with a decorative shape and is hand-painted with a number and letter combination that would have had significance for that specific wineries' cellar. With a beautiful, faded patina, this handsome plaque is a special, storied piece that will be a focal point wherever it is displayed. 

Strictly one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. In good vintage condition with natural, rustic signs of age. 17 1/8" x 10 3/8".

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Antique Wooden Wine Cellar Plaque - "217" Antique Wooden Wine Cellar Plaque - "217" Antique Wooden Wine Cellar Plaque - "217"
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