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Vintage French Wire Egg Stand

Vintage French Wire Egg Stand


Forever, Paris bars have a had a little "presentoir" of hard-boiled eggs, complete with the salt shaker.  Patrons would take an egg, roll it on the zinc-topped bar counter and peel directly, sprinkle with a little salt or a dollop of mayonnaise and, in two gulps, it’s gone! 

The tradition of hard-boiled eggs being offered at French bars is said to have begun as early as the 17th century. Laws required establishments serving alcohol to also serve food, and hard-boiled eggs became the simple food of choice for watering holes that weren't also equipped with a kitchen. In today’s über-worried world, government regulations have made keeping unrefrigerated eggs on the bar taboo, as health and safety experts fret about salmonella and bacteria.  And thus, the protein-packed egg has given way to nuts and pretzels.

Found at market in the Basque region of France, a vintage wire egg "presentoir" that would have been used in a bar to offer hard-boiled eggs to its customers. The sturdy wire stand holds up to a dozen eggs with a little basket at the top for a salt shaker. Full of French charm, this wonderful piece will be a treasured and storied addition to your kitchen counter or home bar. Long live the hard-boiled egg!

Strictly one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. In very good vintage condition. 13" x 6 3/8". Does not include salt shaker.

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Vintage French Wire Egg Stand Vintage French Wire Egg Stand
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