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Vintage Vichy-Etat Ashtray

Vintage Vichy-Etat Ashtray



From Vichy, France, this classic promotional ashtray is a souvenir from the "Queen of the Spa Towns".  Located in the very center of France, the town of Vichy has been a recognized for its many healing thermal and cold water springs since ancient times.  Enjoyed even by the Romans in the first and second centuries, the waters of Vichy were said to have miraculous powers to restore and revive the tired, ill and infirm.  

Vichy's thermal baths became popular with the European aristocracy when the Marquise de Sévigné first visited in 1676 and wrote that the waters cured the paralysis in her hands.  With that, the nobility of France made the journey to Vichy, thus ensuring the town's glamorous status.  When the French Emperor Napoleon III arrived in 1861 and stayed for the next five years, the town of Vichy was transformed with chalets and pavilions built for him and his court.

One of the most famous of all the springs in Vichy is called Source Célestins.  Named after a monastery that was built in the Middle Ages very near the spring, it remains an active cold mineral water source for one of the finest mineral waters in the world: Vichy Célestins.  

This handsome ashtray proudly advertises the therapeutic waters of Vichy with the slogan: "C'est l'instant 'Célestins'" - "It's the Célestins moment".  It also bears the pre-WWII name of Vichy-Etat (Vichy-State) which was used to signify that the mineral water sources were actually owned by the state and were not privately held.

Strictly limited quantities and subject to prior sale. In very good vintage condition with minimal signs of age and use. 5 1/2" diameter.

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