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Vintage Royal Copenhagen "Blue Fluted" Cream Soup Bowl & Saucer

Vintage Royal Copenhagen "Blue Fluted" Cream Soup Bowl & Saucer


From its founding in Copenhagen in 1775 by the Danish Queen Juliane Marie, the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Company has maintained the very highest standards in artistry, quality and beauty. Every piece that leaves the factory bears the company's mark of three hand-painted wavy lines one above the other, to symbolize the three important waterways in Denmark: the "Oresund" or Sound, the Great Belt and the Little Belt.

Of the many gorgeous patterns that Royal Copenhagen has produced over the centuries, Blue Fluted is not only their first, but arguably their most beloved. With elegant side handles and intricate hand-painted details on exquisite white porcelain, this exceptional cream soup bowl with its accompanying saucer is a perfect example of Royal Copenhagen's exemplary workmanship.

Resplendent with the refinement and impeccable craftsmanship that are hallmarks of Royal Copenhagen, this Vintage Royal Copenhagen Cream Soup Bowl with Saucer is sure to bring its timeless charms to your tablescape.

Cream Soup Bowls are sold individually. Strictly limited quantities (at listing, a total of 3 Cream Soup Bowls with Saucers are available) and subject to prior sale.  In very good vintage condition.

Learn More About Royal Copenhagen's Blue Fluted Pattern

Royal Copenhagen’s first ever dinner service, Blue Fluted Plain, was created in 1775 and still today, the service is known and loved around the world. As the first pattern from Royal Copenhagen, Blue Fluted Plain was given the moniker ‘Pattern No.1’, and since 1775, the number ‘1’ has been marked on the underside of every piece of Blue Fluted Plain porcelain.

In the late 14th century, Denmark and other European nations became infatuated with the riches and crafts of the Far East - especially China. As the birthplace of porcelain, China inspired the European potters with a style of porcelain that represented wealth and refined taste, and which had become a valuable export. As the sea route to China opened, ships brought home increasing quantities of porcelain wares decorated in unimaginable blue hues on a body of gleaming white. The early blue and white patterns of Royal Copenhagen found their origin in these treasures from the East.

Still today, Blue Fluted Plain is produced just as it was in 1775, and the tradition and craftsmanship behind the handpainted pattern has been passed down through generation of painters. Blue Fluted Plain has formed the foundation of a wide range of Royal Copenhagen porcelain collections, creating a common thread through the proud history of Royal Copenhagen. Through more than two centuries, the timeless elegance, clear blue pattern and classic fluting of Blue Fluted Plain have become a part of the Danish cultural legacy and the pattern has become a true, timeless classic.

(History of Blue Fluted pattern courtesy of royalcopenhagen.com.)

Learn More About Royal Copenhagen

Producers of the finest in Danish porcelain, Royal Copenhagen is a company steeped in tradition. This venerable company was founded in 1775 by Danish Queen Juliane Marie and was originally called the Royal Porcelain Factory. Years earlier, after the death of her husband, King Frederick V, Juliane’s stepson ascended the throne. Shortly into his reign, he went insane and the Queen became the head of Denmark and its small empire. She sought to improve Denmark’s economy and founded factories around the country to promote domestic growth and international trade. Royal Copenhagen was one of the first of these factories and the first porcelain production in the country.

Royal Copenhagen first made dinnerware and vases with blue-and-white motifs inspired by Chinese porcelain, which was the rage in aristocratic Europe. Many of these designs, including the beloved "Blue Fluted" pattern are still made today. From the very beginning, Queen Juliane Marie insisted each piece of porcelain be stamped underneath with the Royal Copenhagen logo: a crown above three waves handpainted in cobalt representing the three Danish waterways: the Oresund, the Great Belt and the Little Belt.

Apart from its classic patterns, Royal Copenhagen has adapted to the changing styles of time and appeals to many different tastes. Whether used for special occasions or displayed as part of a design collection, Royal Copenhagen pieces represent a legacy of the very highest quality.

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Vintage Royal Copenhagen "Blue Fluted" Cream Soup Bowl & Saucer Vintage Royal Copenhagen "Blue Fluted" Cream Soup Bowl & Saucer Vintage Royal Copenhagen "Blue Fluted" Cream Soup Bowl & Saucer Vintage Royal Copenhagen "Blue Fluted" Cream Soup Bowl & Saucer Vintage Royal Copenhagen "Blue Fluted" Cream Soup Bowl & Saucer
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