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Vintage Railroad Demi-Tasse Cup & Saucer

Vintage Railroad Demi-Tasse Cup & Saucer


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Perhaps nothing is as romantic as the great American railroad.  The sound of a steam whistle blasting from a locomotive roaring through the nighttime countryside is deeply etched upon the American memory. As the frontier of the American West was expanding, the "ribbons of iron" criss-crossed this country from sea to shining sea.

Considered the Golden Age of rail travel, the 1920s to the early 1950s was a time when railroads were seen as the height of luxury. Before the 1900s, train travel was often associated with the wealthy but with the turn of the century, the rails became the property of everyone - a shared experience and means of transportation; a time when just about everyone said, "Let's take the train!"

From the era of the Great American Railroad, we are proud to present an extremely rare Demi-Tasse Cup and Saucer Set used exclusively aboard the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Dining Cars. In the beautiful "George Washington" pattern - which the C & O produced to commemorate the bicentennial of President Washington's birthday in 1932, the side of the cup features an intricate, highly detailed reproduction of the famous Gilbert Stuart portrait. Both the cup and saucer are embellished with thick bands of gold overlay.

Date code stamped March 1948, the set was produced by the Syracuse China (Onondaga Pottery Company) in their Old Ivory line of ware. Both cup and saucer have the correct maker marks on the underside.

This handsome set is a lovely memento of the Great American Railroad and is sure to take pride of place in your collection.

Strictly one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. In excellent condition. Cup 2 1/4" x 3 1/4", Saucer 4 1/2".

Learn More About the C & O Railroad

The Chesapeake and Ohio Railway was one of several Appalachian coal haulers and is perhaps best remembered for its marketing sensation, Chessie the sleeping kitten, as well as its buyout of the Baltimore & Ohio during the early 1960s.  The C&O's earliest history traces back to the early 19th century when the Commonwealth of Virginia was first building railroads.  It gained its current name in the 1870s and quickly grew into a coal-hauling juggernaut.  It thrived on West Virginia and Kentucky coal and was a gateway between Chicago and the ports of Virginia.   

Learn More About the Railroad Dining Cars

A dining car in the 1920s was typically staffed by a steward who seated patrons and oversaw the dining services, a team of three cooks working in the galley, and two or more uniformed waiters on staff. Meals were made with the freshest meats and vegetables. Roasts, steaks, fish, and chops were cut and prepared entirely on-board. With seating limited to just a portion of the dining car, there were usually two to three seating times for lunch and dinner. The dining services on board the trains were far superior to the travel accommodations we know today and a typical dining car was stocked with as many as 2,500 pieces of china, silver, glassware, and crisp, fresh linens.

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Vintage Railroad Demi-Tasse Cup & Saucer Vintage Railroad Demi-Tasse Cup & Saucer Vintage Railroad Demi-Tasse Cup & Saucer
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