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Antique Milan Souvenir Book

Antique Milan Souvenir Book


For centuries Milan has represented elegance and sophistication. At one time it was the capital of Imperial Italy and the vestiges of its wealth and powerful position within Italy are seen everywhere. The grand, gothic Duomo cathedral, the glittering La Scala Opera House, the genius of Leonardo di Vinci's The Last Supper, the art collections, the museums, the fashion houses, Milan has always been a sparkling jewel of a city. At moments it may seem overshadowed by the lovely Florence, the historic Rome or the romantic Venice, but Milan has long been a destination for travelers from around the world.

Found at market, a wondrous antique souvenir book of colored illustrations depicting Milan's glory. The majesty of her monuments, the breath-taking drama of the Duomo, all the splendors of Milan at the turn-of-the-20th century are here in this beautifully decorative book.  The soft-cover is embossed and gilded while each page features another colorful highlight of the city.

A treasured keepsake of a city that for centuries has symbolized man's loftiest ideals.

Strictly one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. In good antique condition. 18 pages. 7 7/8" x 5 3/4".

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Antique Milan Souvenir Book Antique Milan Souvenir Book Antique Milan Souvenir Book Antique Milan Souvenir Book
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