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Vintage Glass Jam Pots

Vintage Glass Jam Pots


It took about 4 years of "sweet talking" before our favorite dealer in Belgium would let me in her basement - she was embarrassed by the mess & I was sure there would be a treasure trove of goodies. Well, the first thing I saw after descending the narrow, scary-steep stairs were stacks of vintage glass Jam Pots. I loved the heavy, irregular glass. Each one was unique - some had a greenish hue, some were more clear, some were embossed with brand names, most had numbers embossed on the bottom indicating the size of the glass & most had the bubbles so characteristic of vintage glass. The thick rims are not threaded - these are from the days before modern canning, when a layer of parafin sealed the jar.
We think they are great as a casual, "I-just-threw-this-bouquet-together" vase, or for keeping pens & pencils at the ready by the telephone or Q-Tips in the bathroom or holding a chunky candle, or... you get the idea.  
Each Jam Pot is unique, complete with the imperfections that make vintage pieces special.  They range in height from 3 3/4" to 4 3/4" with corresponding top  diameters from 3 1/4" to 4 1/4".  Please allow us to choose a special one just for you.

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