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Vintage French Stoneware Bird Water Fountain

Vintage French Stoneware Bird Water Fountain


One of the rarest and most unique items rescued from the Pottery Renault warehouse, we're so pleased to offer a very limited number of Vintage French "Abreuvoirs Volaille". Called a poultry fountain in English (and commonly referred to as a chicken waterer), this handsome water fountain would have been found on small poultry farms in the French countryside.

Fountains of this kind - in various designs and materials, have been in use for well over a century as a way to give thirsty chickens and other poultry clean water to drink.  The concept is to have a reservoir of water with a small outlet at the bottom which allows water from the container to flow into a tray or dish at the base.  If the level of the water in the tray is above the hole in the container, air can't enter the reservoir and water is no longer able to flow out.  As the chickens drink from the tray, the water level recedes below the small hole which allows air to enter the water reservoir, permitting water to flow out and fill the tray again until the water level covers the exit hole.

A device like this is needed for chickens and other poultry because just putting water in a trough or bowl would quickly be dirtied by the poultry walking in it.  In addition, if the water is for small chicks, they could easily fall into a larger trough or bowl.  The water fountain made it safer for chicks and kept the water cleaner for all poultry.

Stamped on the side with the name "Fesox" which was a long-shuttered French agricultural supply company, these very special water fountains would be a wonderful addition to the outdoor terrace, patio or balcony of any bird lover. Ingeniously designed and beautifully hand-made, it will bring the authentic spirit of the French countryside to your home today.

Strictly limited quantities and subject to prior sale. Dishwasher, Microwave and Oven Safe. In excellent, unused vintage condition. 6.75"H x 7"D. The artisanal salt glazes vary. Please allow us to choose a one-of-a-kind fountain just for you! Please note, the poultry water fountains were made as an exclusive piece for the Fesox Farm Supply Company and therefore were not stamped with the Pottery Renault name. Rest assured however, they were produced by Pottery Renault and discovered in their warehouse.

Learn More About the Poterie Renault

It all began in 1847 when Louis Stanislas Renault built a pottery workshop in the orangery of the Argent-sur-Sauldre château, located in the village of the same name in the Loire Valley of France. With a passion for classic French cookware, Monsieur Renault produced authentic pieces that were not only beautiful, but meant for practical, everyday use in the French kitchen. From cooking pots to casserole dishes to deep tureens for pâté, his cookware pieces were created with both classical and regional designs that were the perfect marriage of form and function. 

Success came quickly to the family-owned Poterie Renault company and by 1865, they had outgrown their small orangery studio and built a larger manufacturing facility in the same village. Now with room to expand their offerings, Poterie Renault began producing a new range of stoneware: salt pots, condiment jars, butter and milk pots, wine pitchers and vinegar jugs all kiln-fired with durable, non-porous glazes that ensure the pieces are well suited for food storage.

With both their original cookware and their new stoneware lines, the company entered the 20th-century producing quality pieces not only for the home cook, but also for professional chefs in the commercial kitchens of hotels and restaurants. Over the decades, Poterie Renault remained committed to Louis Renault's founding vision of creating well made, unfussy wares that were not only beautiful in their artisanal quality, but practical for daily use. 

After nearly 170 years producing classic pieces for the kitchen, the family-owned Poterie Renault closed its doors in 2011. The kilns are now quiet and the factory sits still. Thankfully, these rescued pieces from the Poterie Renault warehouse are available to use and enjoy - lasting mementoes bringing the spirit of the French kitchen to your home today.

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Vintage French Stoneware Bird Water Fountain Vintage French Stoneware Bird Water Fountain Vintage French Stoneware Bird Water Fountain Vintage French Stoneware Bird Water Fountain Vintage French Stoneware Bird Water Fountain
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