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Vintage French Casanis Pitcher

Vintage French Casanis Pitcher


The Casanis brand of pastis was created in 1925 by Emmanuel Casabiance of the island of Corsica. Instead of producing his pastis on Corsica, he decided to cross the Mediterranean Sea and set up production in the French port city of Marseille. And thus, Casanis has two origins symbolized on the bottle by the crests of both the island of Corsica and and the city of Marseille.

For almost 90 years, Casanis has used its original recipe containing green anise and star anise to create the original "Pastis of Marseille". This recipe gives Casanis its pale yellow color, its light floral scent and the subtle flavor of fresh green anise.

Traditionally served in a thick-bottomed pastis glass with ice water on the side, the various pastis brands often provided promotional pitchers to cafés and bistros to advertise their product. Arguably the most distinctive of all the promotional pitchers is Casanis' "Moors head" pitcher. A figural pitcher in the form of a native Corsican man's head wearing his traditional white bandana around his forehead.

Found at market in the French Alps, we are pleased to offer a vintage "Moors head" Casanis Promotional Pitcher. Commanding and unique, this Casanis Pitcher salutes the favored brand of pastis since 1925.

Strictly one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. In excellent vintage condition. 6 3/8" tall x 8 1/8" at widest point.

Learn More about Pastis

Pastis, the anise-flavored alcohol-based aperitif is synonymous with the south of France. Flavored with star anise, green anise, fennel, licorice roots and various other herbs (up to seventy total!), pastis was first produced in 1915 following the outlaw of absinthe. The drink was popularized and first marketed on a broad scale by Paul Ricard in Marseilles in 1932.

Pastis, much like absinthe, has a number of accoutrements and rituals associated with it. Alongside the glass of pastis, water is typically served in glass or ceramic carafes labeled with the pastis manufacturer's name and logo.

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Vintage French Casanis Pitcher Vintage French Casanis Pitcher
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