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Vintage French Bingo Number

Vintage French Bingo Number


It was a rusty Betises de Cambray candy tin.  Charming for certain...but did I really need to look at another rusty tin box?  It was dusk after all and a light rain was beginning to fall as the dealers were packing up their wares at the Sunday flea market in Blois, France.  And here I was, reaching for an old candy tin.  As I picked it up, something rattled inside.  Could it be candy from the 1920s?   Better than that!  The rusty box was full of small chunky wooden disks with red numbers in relief.  Pieces from a board game?  Perhaps.  Whatever they were, we loved them and began bargaining for the rusty tin box, numbers and all!  

1/2" x 3/4".  Please allow us to choose a lucky number for you!  Strictly limited quantities and subject to prior sale.

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Vintage French Bingo Number
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