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Vintage Federal Glass & Eva Zeisel Prestige Swirl Glass

Vintage Federal Glass & Eva Zeisel Prestige Swirl Glass


In the 1950s, the great American glass manufacturer Federal Glass Company, joined forces with the renowned industrial designer Eva Zeisel, to create a hugely successful line of barware called "Prestige". Made for the retail market with a streamlined, modern silhouette, Prestige came in four glass shapes -- cocktail, juice, old fashioned, and highball. The glassware's signature solid, "door knob" bottom lent stability and according to Eva Zeisel, provided the glasses "with extra-ordinary reflections." 

Applying the retail success of the Prestige line to Federal's commercial glass offerings, Federal added an optic swirl to the pattern, expanded the glass shapes and sizes and soon this popular glass became a stylish addition to restaurant tables and lunch counters across the country. Federal Glass also used their long history in producing colored glass to create this delicate shade of amber they've dubbed "Sun Gold". 

Dating from the 1960s, this iconic mid-century glass with its stylish pedigree and dynamic swirl will bring the spirit of its era to your home today. 

Limited quantities and subject to prior sale. 4.75" x 2.5". 8 ounce capacity. In excellent, unused condition.

Learn More About Our Vintage Restaurant Ware

Found in the shuttered warehouse of a third-generation, family-owned restaurant supply company in Chicago, we are proud to offer a limited collection of unused restaurant ware. Dating from the 1950s to the 1980s, these nostalgic, American-made pieces are about as honest as dinnerware gets. Clean, simple shapes decorated with the colors and patterns reminiscent of their era. And above all, these pieces are of a quality that is near impossible to find today at any price.

Learn More About The Federal Glass Company

The Federal Glass Company was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1900 and started its operations making pressed glassware - often with needle etched decorations. The company was a leader in producing the colored glassware that is commonly referred to today as Depression glass.

By the 1920s, Federal Glass was well known for its glassware, barware and unique glass items for the home.  In the 1940s, the firm expanded into the food service industry, supplying restaurants and hotels with durable, beautiful glassware. Over the years, Federal operated plants in Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. While prolific, Federal Glass closed its operations in 1980.

Learn More About Eva Zeisel

Eva Striker-Zeisel was a Hungarian-born American designer whose career spanned over 90 years and thousands of pieces. She believed in "the playful search for beauty". Though best known for her ceramics, she also worked in glass, wood, metal and plastics. Eva was imprisoned under Stalin, had the first one-woman show at MoMA, and was honored at the White House, with many adventures in-between. She continued designing until she died at 105 years old in 2011. Her work is in permanent collections of major museums around the world, including the British Museum, MoMA and The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

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Vintage Federal Glass & Eva Zeisel Prestige Swirl Glass Vintage Federal Glass & Eva Zeisel Prestige Swirl Glass
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