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Vintage Clyde Park Cicero Gravy Boat

Vintage Clyde Park Cicero Gravy Boat



"If you smell gunpowder, then you're in Cicero."

From one of the most colorful, storied towns just outside of Chicago, this handsome Vintage Gravy Boat was produced for a long-shuttered restaurant once located in Cicero, Illinois.

The town of Cicero was a hard-working community built by industrious, proud immigrants. Czech, Bohemian, Russian and Italian immigrants brought their strong work ethics and their dreams of a better life to Cicero. By the 1920s, however, Cicero became known as the headquarters for legendary Chicago gangster, Al Capone.  As the police in Chicago began closing in on Capone and limiting his ability to do "business", he moved his operation to the nearby town of Cicero, running brothels, speakeasies, and illegal gambling dens. The stories of Capone's control over Cicero are many: shoot-outs, revenge killings, puppet police officers, a corrupt mayor that did Capone's bidding - it was the reason that Cicero became known as the "Capital of Caponeland".

Within the town of Cicero, there were 8 distinct neighborhoods and one such neighborhood was called Clyde.  Within that neighborhood, the Clyde Park District was founded in 1907 and provided town residents a place of recreation and relaxation. The park also had a pavilion restaurant, that became a popular spot to enjoy a meal within the green environs of Clyde Park.

Produced exclusively for the Clyde Park restaurant in the notorious town of Cicero, we are pleased to offer this very rare Vintage Gravy Boat. With its striking art deco pinstriping and lettering, it will definitely be a centerpiece of your collection.

No one knows for certain whether Al Capone himself ever dined at the restaurant in Clyde Park...but then again...no one's talkin'. 

Strictly one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. In excellent vintage condition. Circa 1940. 5" x 9".

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Vintage Clyde Park Cicero Gravy Boat Vintage Clyde Park Cicero Gravy Boat Vintage Clyde Park Cicero Gravy Boat Vintage Clyde Park Cicero Gravy Boat
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