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Vintage Canadian Royal Visit 1959 Covered Trinket Dish

Vintage Canadian Royal Visit 1959 Covered Trinket Dish


“If I have helped you to feel proud of being Canadian,
if I have reminded you of the strength which comes from unity
and if I have helped to draw your attention to the bright vision of the years ahead,
I shall feel well satisfied…”
~ Queen Elizabeth II following her visit to Canada in 1959


The year was 1959 and the young Queen had assumed her new role as Queen for 7 years when the decision was made to embark on an extensive North American tour. It would be during the summer, and the Queen, accompanied by Prince Philip, would undertake the longest royal tour in Canadian history.

The catalyst for the visit was the ceremonial opening of the Saint Lawrence Seaway, but beyond that, the intent was to visit many outlying districts never before visited by royalty. Indeed, all ten provinces, four of the Great Lakes, both Canadian Territories, and a visit to the United States were covered in an exhausting fifteen thousand mile, forty-five day tour.

To get an idea of the strenuousness of the tour, there were 17 military parades, 21 formal dinners, 193 bouquets, 381 platform appearances, and well over 7,000 handshakes. The Queen came not just as a sightseer, but as Queen of Canada, and that her purpose harked back to the early days when English kings “showed the crown” after their coronation. It was, in effect, the introduction of a crowned monarch to her people.

Produced to commemorate the Royal Tour of 1959, this lovely vintage covered trinket box is a beautiful memento of a truly historic event. A pale, blushing pink box is embellished with beautiful gold details and in the center of the lid is the regal St. Edward's Crown surrounded by Canadian maple leaves and English roses. A rare and lovely piece which will certainly be a beloved addition to your collection.

Strictly one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. In very good vintage condition. 4 7/8" x 1 1/2".

Learn More about Coronation Memorabilia

As a means to commemorate historic events - including coronations; silver, golden and diamond jubilees; royal weddings and royal visits to distant lands - artisans and craftspeople were commissioned to create beautiful pieces of memorabilia. Highly collectable, they are much more than mementos of an event long past. They are lovely pieces created to capture the spirit of their time as much as they capture our imaginations today.

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Vintage Canadian Royal Visit 1959 Covered Trinket Dish Vintage Canadian Royal Visit 1959 Covered Trinket Dish Vintage Canadian Royal Visit 1959 Covered Trinket Dish
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