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Victorian Silverplate Chamber Stick

Victorian Silverplate Chamber Stick


"It is better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness."
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

It's hard for any of us to imagine our lives without the modern convenience of electricity and the ease of lighting a room with the flick of a switch - but before electric lighting was commonplace, people relied on candlelight to find their way in the dark.

How candles and candleholders were designed and used in those pre-electric times was actually very well thought out. There are many different types of candle holders - from candelabras to candlesticks to chambersticks. Each of these candleholders had their specific design and served a specific purpose.

The definition of a chamberstick is a candleholder that has been designed for carrying. They are smaller in height, have a flat circular base to catch any dipping candle wax from falling onto the floor or on clothing. They are designed with a single central socket to hold the candle, a handle on the side and perhaps a snuffer to extinguish the flame once you've reached your destination. The name comes from its purpose: to secure a burning candle which could be carried to see you safely to your chamber, or bedroom.

Chambersticks were very important as they lit the way in the dark when you needed to move from room to room. Once they had got you to your destination they were then used to light the candlesticks that were in that room. The chamberstick would be lit once again before blowing out the main candlestick in the room so you could get safely to your bedside.

Chambersticks would be kept on the entrance hall table as you came in the door so they could be used by various family members when they retired for the evening. The following morning they would be collected by the chamber maid and taken either to a designated candle room or an area of the kitchen where the staff would clean the chambersticks and ready them for use again that evening.

The very wealthy households in the 18th century would have actually employed a candle man whose full time job was to look after all the candlesticks in the house.

From Victorian England, we're pleased to offer an Antique Silverplate Chamberstick to light the way in your own home. Classically designed with the traditional pan for catching dripping wax, a central socket with a removable sconce which also acts as a reservoir for melting wax and a side handle for ease of carrying, which also holds a snuffer. Decorative and functional, it is sure to be a lovely addition to your home.

A total of two chamber sticks are available, subject to prior sale. In very good antique condition.

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