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Victorian "Pretty Bits"

Victorian "Pretty Bits"


Bread Fork
Jam Spoon

Of course we all know about knives, spoons & forks - but what about marrow spoons, ice-cream forks, cucumber servers, terrapin forks? The proper Victorian had a specialized utensil for every conceivable food so they would never have to touch anything with their hands. 

What we are offering are beautiful, one-of-a-kind Victorian Serving Pieces (or as we like to call them, Pretty Bits - because they are so pretty!)

Choose from a Spreader, a longer-handled Pickle Fork, a five-tine Sardine Fork or a three-tine Bread Fork. Each one will be similar to the examples in the photographs, but each one will be unique with the detail and character all its own. The handles are either mother-of-pearl or ivory, the rest of the piece is silverplate.

They are all splendidly Victorian. But please remember as citizens of the 21st century we are allowed to break the Victorian rules of etiquette - I sometimes use a bread fork for pot roast, a sardine fork for cheeses or sliced meats... 

Each piece is unique. Please allow us to choose one for you. Feel free to email us with any questions or special requests. Ivory should never be washed. Hand-wash the silverplate portion with warm soapy water taking care not to wet the handle. Approx. 6" - 7" in length.

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Victorian "Pretty Bits" Victorian "Pretty Bits" Victorian "Pretty Bits"
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