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This Is Paris Book

This Is Paris Book


First published in 1959, This Is Paris is the first in a wonderful series of children's books written and illustrated by Miroslav Sasek.  Mr. Sasek was born in Prague in 1916 and worked as a painter and illustrator for most of his life. The books he wrote painted a delightful and evocative picture of some of the world's great cities and This Is Paris is a charming tour of 1950 Paris from a child's eye view. 

From The New York Herald Book Review of 1959:

"Marchons! Lovers of Paris, Marchons! Straight to this big flat picture book with dozens of fine well-placed pictures of beloved Parisian landmarks... Gaily modern are the half-caricatured people and the design, but the beautiful watercolors of buildings have an almost architectural accuracy. We love it. We hope many a teacher will use this book to awaken interest in la civilization francaise in boys, girls and their elders."

And in the words of literary critic Gertrude Herman,

"[This is Paris is a] handsome and evocative picture book...presenting a potpourri of Parisian landmarks and life... Humor and sophistication mark the simple text, which is nonetheless direct and childlike in appeal. Even the child who has but a vague notion of what and where Paris is should have fun poring over the details of the distinctive illustrations and marveling over the surprising glimpses of another way of life."

Mr. Sasek died in 1980, leaving behind a legacy of some of the most endearing books for young and old alike.

Hardcover bound with dust jacket.  60 pages. Book measures 12 1/2" x 9".

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This Is Paris Book This Is Paris Book This Is Paris Book This Is Paris Book
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