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Vintage Silverplate Shaw Savill Line Teapot

Vintage Silverplate Shaw Savill Line Teapot


"The Flag That Circles the World"

Founded in London in 1858, the Shaw Savill Line was a shipping company that connected the United Kingdom with her far-flung colony of New Zealand. 

The UK-New Zealand shipping route was one of the last to convert from sail to steam. The early steamships needed to carry so much coal to fuel the long voyage that there was scarcely room for any additional cargo. Eventually as steam ships became more efficient, the 9 month journey by sail was reduced to approximately 45 days by steam. Using ships outfitted with refrigeration systems, the Shaw Savill Line (along with the joint venture between Shaw Savill and the Albion Shipping Company) is credited with playing a large part in the growth of New Zealand by transporting the country's prized beef, frozen to the United Kingdom.  Leaving New Zealand, the ships were loaded with frozen beef and on the voyage out of England, the ships were carrying ambitious British immigrants dreaming of starting a new life in the distant colony.

In the 1950s, the Shaw Savill Line famously offered their 75 day around-the-world service with their great ships The Southern Cross and its sister, The Northern Cross. The journey left Southampton, England, making stops in Trinidad, Curacao, Panama, Tahiti, Fiji, Auckland, Wellington, Sydney, Melbourne, Fremantle, Durban, Cape Town, Las Palmas and back to Southampton.

From one of the great shipping lines whose "flag circled the world", we are so pleased to offer this handsome, Vintage Silverplate Teapot made exclusively for the Shaw Savill Line.  With its streamlined deco styling, this beautiful teapot is a magnificent treasure from the great era of ocean liner travel.  Side-marked with the Shaw Savill name, this rare teapot will be a wonderful addition to your silver collection.

Strictly one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. In excellent restored condition. Circa 1950s. 5" tall x 10" from the tip of the spout to the end of the handle. 2 pint capacity.

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Vintage Silverplate Shaw Savill Line Teapot Vintage Silverplate Shaw Savill Line Teapot
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