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Panier des Sens Regenerating Honey Liquid Marseille Soap

Panier des Sens Regenerating Honey Liquid Marseille Soap


Fashioned in Provence, it's easy to see why we have fallen for this collection of pretty French apothecaries. Fragrant yet subtle, evocative yet delicate, the Panier des Sens collection is inspired by the natural and lush beauty that is so unique to Provence.

Carefully crafted by honoring time-tested techniques, while embracing the modern science of French parfumeurs, this special collection is sourced entirely in Provence, capturing the undeniably warm, rich, and sensuous spirit we so love about the region.

Long revered as an elixir of Provence, honey is known for its moisturizing, regenerating and purifying qualities. For this very special soap, honey extract is obtained from the nectar of Provençal wildflowers. Rich in sugar, amino acids, organic acids, minerals and vitamins, it provides soothing, moisturizing and nourishing results. Cooked in the great cauldron tradition so essential to Marseille, this gentle liquid soap is based on vegetable oils - with absolutely no artificial coloring, animal fat or synthetic surfactants. Rich in honey with soothing and regenerative properties, it can be used for face and body and is perfectly adapted to the most delicate skin.

With a softness all its own, find yourself cleansed and rejuvenated by the romantic essence of this fine honey liquid soap.

16.9 fluid ounces. 6" x 3 1/4".

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Panier des Sens Regenerating Honey Liquid Marseille Soap
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