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Antique Majolica Peacock Plate

Antique Majolica Peacock Plate


From one of France's faience and majolica studios renowned for their elegantly distinctive wares, we are pleased to present this gorgeous Antique Majolica Peacock Plate.

Manufactured by the venerable H. Boulenger & Cie of Choisy-le-Roi, this plate features the most exuberant peacock with his colorful tail feathers proudly displayed. Artfully glazed and highly decorative, this would be considered a "cabinet plate", meaning that it was designed to be displayed in a cabinet or hung on the wall and not used for any sort of food service.

The gently scalloped edge of the plate and the expertly hand-painted design lends this beautiful plate a certain timeless appeal. It is sure to bring its wondrous charm wherever it is displayed.

Strictly one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. Circa 1910. In good antique condition with slight crazing consistent with age. 8 3/4".

Learn more about H. Boulenger & Cie

Founded in 1804 in the southeastern Parisian suburb of Choisy-le-Roi, H. Boulenger & Cie took its name from one of its owners, Hippolyte Boulenger. It was under his direction that the company developed an international reputation and exhibited at the great world's fairs. 

In 1889, Hippolyte opened a boutique in Paris, selling their beautiful faience and majolica to an appreciative public. Shortly thereafter, Hippolyte was succeeded by his two sons and in 1920, the firm bought the competing ceramic house, Manufacture de Montereau, becoming Hippolyte Boulanger-Creil-Montereau. The Choisy factory was eventually shuttered in 1934, and the Montereau factory closed its doors in 1955.


Learn More About Majolica

First appearing in 1851 at the Great Exhibition in London, Majolica refers to the richly colored and imaginative pottery that boomed during the Victorian era. By the time it was exhibited at the 1855 Paris World's Fair, it had taken Europe and the Americas by storm, even gaining the approval of Queen Victoria herself!

While Majolica took on many whimsical and outlandish forms during its time in vogue, most designs were based on plant and animal motifs whose bright colors and textures brought a certain lighthearted charm to the rich but often dark and heavy Victorian decor. The nature-inspired designs were particularly popular among the urban-dwelling middle class, as Majolica was an affordable way to create an impressive decor and bring pastoral beauty into the home.

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Antique Majolica Peacock Plate Antique Majolica Peacock Plate Antique Majolica Peacock Plate
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