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Let's Bring Back Book

Let's Bring Back Book


When was the last time you wore a cape to the opera?  Or white gloves to lunch?  Why did we ever do away with bed curtains or cuckoo clocks?  Whatever happened to parlor games, calling cards, double features, duels, monocles, riddles, turbans, and parasols?  Well, let's bring them back!
Whimsical and witty, this beautifully illustrated encyclopedia of nostalgia celebrates the elegant, mysterious, and delightful trappings of bygone ages.  Let's bring Back revels in the past and, above all, honors the timeless tradition of artful living. 
Hardcover. 8 1/4" tall x 5 1/4" wide. 251 pages.

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Let's Bring Back Book Let's Bring Back Book Let's Bring Back Book
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