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Vintage Libbey Nonik Glass

Vintage Libbey Nonik Glass


Whether at a lunch counter filled with water, a corner diner filled with juice, or the "watering hole" down the block filled with a boozy Tom Collins, this is the glass that once came in various sizes, each with its own purpose. Here it is in the slightly taller silhouette that makes it perfect for just about anything.

Produced in the 1950s by the great American glassmaker Libbey, this 10 ounce glass, with its straight sides has a slight bulge at the top known as "Nonik". No longer in production, this charming glass will be one you reach for again and again!

Limited quantities and subject to prior sale. 5"H x 2 3/4"D. Approximate capacity is 10 ounces. Dishwasher Safe. In excellent, unused condition.

Learn More About Our Vintage Restaurant Ware

Found in the shuttered warehouse of a third-generation, family-owned restaurant supply company in Chicago, we are proud to offer a limited collection of unused restaurant ware. Dating from the 1950s to the 1980s, these nostalgic, American-made pieces are about as honest as dinnerware gets. Clean, simple shapes decorated with the colors and patterns reminiscent of their era. And above all, these pieces are of a quality that is near impossible to find today at any price.

Learn More About Nonik Glassware

The iconic Nonik glass shape was invented in Chicago by Hugo Pick, of the Albert Pick & Co restaurant and hotel supply company way back in 1913. The design was created to stave off broken glasses by adding the bulge just below the rim of the glass. The bulge adds strength to the glass and provides a more robust grip by not allowing it to slip as easily from the hand. If a glass tips over, it will strike the stronger bulge rather than chipping the more delicate rim.

The shape was used in glassware of all sizes - with smaller glasses for milk and juice, larger glasses for water and iced tea and eventually the Nonik shape made its way to England and became the famous British pub glass.

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Vintage Libbey Nonik Glass Vintage Libbey Nonik Glass Vintage Libbey Nonik Glass
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