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Hall China Coupe Bowl

Hall China Coupe Bowl


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Established in 1903, the Hall China Company was born with the rich heritage of the great potters of the Ohio River Valley. Located in East Liverpool, Ohio, Hall was one of a number of smaller, independent pottery companies that dotted the area at the beginning of the twentieth century. In the early years, Hall produced utilitarian and institutional pieces including spittoons, chamber pots and toilet sets, as well as undecorated white ware and a limited amount of dinnerware.

During those very early years, the company experimented endlessly to rediscover a lost process from the Ming Dynasty in China, which would allow Hall to produce non-lead glazed china with a single-fire process. This single-firing allowed the glaze to penetrate the unfired clay body, creating a craze-proof finish. In 1911, the process was perfected and Hall began producing a colorfully glazed china which was strong, non-porous, and craze-proof. 

The development of the single-fire process helped propel Hall China ahead of all the other competing potteries in the area and the company's domestic market expanded dramatically as the start of World War I cut off European imports. Hall China continued to grow over the years and by the mid-1920s claimed the titles of "the largest teapot manufacturer in America" as well as "the largest manufacturer of fireproof cooking china in the world".

Beloved by collectors, Hall China is truly an American Heritage Company which still produces top-quality wares in one of their original plants built in 1930. In 2010, Hall China was acquired by the Homer Laughlin China Company in neighboring Newell, West Virginia, ensuring its continued survival into the 21st century. 

From the great Hall China Company, we are proud to offer this charming bowl finished with a lovely two-tone glaze. The outside of the bowl is glazed the prettiest shade of raspberry, while the inside is a crisp shade of ivory. Produced using Hall's original archival moulds, the bowl's coupe shape and perfect size makes it an ideal bowl for cereal, an individual salad or perhaps a generous serving of ice cream!

Limited quantities and subject to prior sale. Dishwasher, Microwave and Oven Safe. Measures 2.25"H x 7.25"D. Capacity 24 oz. 

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