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Flour Sack Towels - Set of 4

Flour Sack Towels - Set of 4


Growing up, we never used anything as precious as a "Tea Towel" to dry dishes! We used a large, thirsty Flour Sack Towel.  It got the job done in an efficient, no nonsense kind of way. And these Flour Sack Dishtowels that we are offering here (at a mere $14 for a set of four!) are without a doubt the best Towels we have ever used.  They are not the wimpy flour sack towels commonly seen nowadays that seem more like cheese cloth. They are woven in Egypt of 100% thirsty cotton & are a generous 36" by 30".  Trust us, they will dry more dishes than you care to think about!

Each towel measures 36" by 30".

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Flour Sack Towels - Set of 4
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