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Encyclopedia of the Exquisite

Encyclopedia of the Exquisite


For the Francophile and the Anglomanic, the world traveler and the fashion maven, this truly illuminating encyclopedia of the rare, elegant and mysterious serves as a lifestyle guide for those who delight in the fashion of, well, being in fashion! Brimmed with cues from the world over on topics ranging from perfumes to First Ladies, this book details the trick to the omelet from Julia Child, everything you ever wondered about champagne, the practice of wearing red lipstick and beauty marks, and much, much more. This rich and extravagant guide takes on the topics of the exquisite in art, food, fashion and history and celebrates both the simple and curious luxuries of time. 

Hardcover. 8" long x 6 5/8" wide. 312 pages.  

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Encyclopedia of the Exquisite Encyclopedia of the Exquisite
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