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Le Cheval Moutet Towel

Le Cheval Moutet Towel


Just the towel for any true francophile, we adore this high-quality Le Cheval Tea Towel from the venerable Moutet weavers of France.

Handsome for sure, this ultra-soft French linen features the stirring poetry of Apollinaire. As his words take shape in the form of a horse, Apollinaire is best remembered for his visual poetry. With work as early as 1905, this particular poem Le Cheval is said to have been released in 1917. Often touching with profound political contexts, the work of Apollinaire tends to assume this affiliation and Le Cheval  is no exception. Featuring a calligrammatic outline of a horse with graceful lines, the stark black and grey hues of this tea towel share their prophetic tone.

Coming to us from France, the work of Apollinaire grips us even still as this fashionable tea towel displays the wonder and certain depth of this most beloved poet.

100% cotton.  Machine wash cool with like colors. Tumble dry low or for best results allow towel to air dry. These densely woven jacquard towels will become even more absorbent with each wash. 27" x 20".

Learn More About Moutet

In 1919, Jean-Baptiste Moutet founded a small weaving mill on the banks of the Gave du Pau River in the town of Orthez in the Basque region of France. Working alongside other small industries, Moutet has acted as a leader in Basque weaving since its origins.

Renowned for weaving traditional Basque patterns on sturdy linen fabrics, the original linens Moutet produced were used as blankets for his oxen to protect them in the fields. Adorned with seven woven stripes, each representing one of the seven Basque regions.

Expanding the mill to 40 employees, Jean-Baptiste’s son, Georges Moutet, carried on the second generation of weaving after he taught himself the latest mechanisms in looming. Carrying on from generation to generation of Moutets, the third and fourth generations acquired jacquard looms, allowing for more complex weaving and patterns.

The fifth generation continues the legacy to this day. Reviving old patterns and sustaining the high-quality linens behind the name Moutet, the factory still stands in the Basque region and is proud to have received the honorable "Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant" title - an award by the French state to recognize French firms for their excellence and tradition, making Moutet an official living heritage company.

With over 1,000 color options at their mill, each linen is cut by hand, meticulously inspected for quality, and finally labeled with the name Moutet - a nearly 100 year old name in French linen tradition.

For a fascinating, behind-the-scenes glimpse at what goes into the creation of a Moutet towel, please take a moment and watch this beautifully produced short video. The music and images are captivating and the love and care that goes into each towel is clearly evident. The very last two people that you'll see in the video are the current owners of the company, Catherine Moutet and her son, Benjamin.

L'envers du décor des Tissages Moutet from Tissage Moutet on Vimeo

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