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Forest Fir Candle

Forest Fir Candle


Make your holiday home even cozier with this evocative, wintery candle. Infused with essences of cedar and citrus, this Forest Fir candle stirs all the memories of a freshly cut fir tree. Brilliant, clean and crisp, the scent is inspired by the ancient fir trees of Sweden - among the oldest living trees in the world. Long used to perfume the home, the fir tree was also believed to be the home of magical fairies and was often brought indoors to banish evil spirits.

Handcrafted from soy wax with a double wick, this naturally fragrant candle will fill your home with its magnificent scent. With a cotton wick for an even, clean burn, this wondrously fragrant candle is such a shop favorite, we had to ask the North Pole for more! 

9 oz. 60 hour burn time. 4.5" x  3.5". Glass. Handmade in the USA. Matchbox Included.

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Forest Fir Candle Forest Fir Candle Forest Fir Candle
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