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Belle Epoque Jewelry Box Paris Opera

Belle Epoque Jewelry Box Paris Opera


souvenir noun \sü-və-nir\ : something that serves as a reminder.
from the French, (se) souvenir to remember.

Lovingly collected from the markets of France, we are thrilled to share with you our Belle Époque French Souvenir Jewelry Boxes. This magical piece is wondrously special for sure, unique with its own journeyed story. Dating from the early 1900s, this nostalgic and romantic box has served as a lasting memory from a special place. Whether it evokes a certain memory or inspires your travels, we are confident this piece will delight in its final journey -  to you.

Found at market in France, a lovely Paris Souvenir Jewelry Box. Decorating the lid, is a hand-colored image of the Palais Garnier Opera House - an architectural masterpiece in central Paris. This unique oval box has sides and legs of decorative gold metal and the interior is lined in a regal blue fabric to safely hold the most precious, favored piece of jewelry. Tres chic!

Strictly one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. In good antique condition showing the expected signs of a piece this age. 3" at its widest point x 1 7/8" high.

Learn More About the Belle Epoque in France

The Belle Epoque, or "Beautiful Age," refers to a time period in France spanning from the beginning of the Third French Republic until the first World War. It was a time of peace, prosperity, innovation, and luxury across the country, especially in Paris. It was during this romantic and prosperous period that the Eiffel Tower, the Paris Metro, the Paris Opera, and the Basilica of Sacré-Cœur on Montmartre were built, surging France forward into the modern age and the approaching 20th century. 

As couture fashion houses, department stores, and tourism boomed alongside innovations in technology, art, and architecture, the demand for luxury products in the City of Lights grew among the wealthy and middle class alike.



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Belle Epoque Jewelry Box Paris Opera Belle Epoque Jewelry Box Paris Opera Belle Epoque Jewelry Box Paris Opera
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