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Compagnie de Provence Karité Shea Butter Dry Oil

Compagnie de Provence Karité Shea Butter Dry Oil


Made in the very heart of Provence, this dry oil feels as soft as velvet. Its formula combines the very best botanical oils to care for your face, body and hair. A true multi-purpose oil, it contains a precious blend of ultra-nourishing shea absolute, skin-softening pure grapeseed oil, organic virgin sunflower oil and sweet almond oil with moisturizing properties.

Its luxurious texture sinks into the skin quickly without leaving a greasy residue. Enriched with Vitamin E, it hydrates, nourishes and illuminates the skin in one step. You can also use it on the lengths and ends of your hair to add shine and smoothness.

Its fragrance has been created in Grasse, France and is an intoxicating blend with delicate notes of white flowers that give way to a soft musky base.

3.3 fluid ounces.

Learn More About Shea Absolute

Shea absolute is made from shea butter that has been filtered at a low temperature. This step makes it possible to isolate the liquid portion of shea butter, which contains the highest concentration of unsaturated fatty acids - essential for keeping skin supple and beautiful. Shea absolute is absorbed more rapidly and more effectively than the butter from which it is extracted. Quite simply, it's the crème de la crème of shea!

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Compagnie de Provence Karité Shea Butter Dry Oil
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