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Boules Set

Boules Set


If you've ever been to France during the summer, chances are you've seen boules being played. It's as much a part of the good life in France as pastis and wine...and often the three go together with games of boules being played with a glass of summery pastis or rosé in hand!  With 20 million people in France playing boules, the popularity can't be overstated!

Boules (or pétanque as it is sometimes called), can be easily and quickly learned by anyone and is the perfect way to encourage outdoor activity. This wonderful set comes with complete instructions and will provide summertime fun for the whole family!

Officially weighted Steel Tossing Balls are 2.75" in diameter. Carrying Case dimensions: 9.25" x 6". Please note, the set was photographed outdoors just as it began to rain which is why there are water droplets on the balls and case. The set was thoroughly dried afterwards!


Learn More About Boules

Whether it's called bocce in Italy, lawn bowling in England, or pétanque in France, they are all variations of the classic outdoor game known as boules.

This ancient game is believed to originate from an ancient Greek game of tossing coins in about 6 B.C. The purpose of boules is to win by throwing your ball to land closer to the smaller wooden ball than those of your opponent.  That wooden ball is known in English as the jack - or in French as the cochonnet which literally means piglet!  

In France, the game is typically played on hard dirt or gravel. 

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Boules Set Boules Set Boules Set Boules Set Boules Set Boules Set
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