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Bohemian Creamer

Bohemian Creamer


I was escorted to an empty table all alone outside a tiny café on Wenceslas Square in Prague.  I followed the waiter as he motioned his hand toward the four empty cane back chairs, inviting me to take a seat. He handed me the menu and nothing more, never speaking a word before disappearing into the backdrop of the blustery grey afternoon. I rested the menu on the round, marble tabletop and the remnants from the morning rain began to bleed the ink on the page. I watched as the colors of coral and blue ran to meet the yellows and greens as though they were to form a watercolor from raindrops and words. Captivated by the patterns, I seemed to have forgotten the reason I was really there. "Miss, this was left at the counter for you..." I knew what it was. But all I could remember was that watercolored page; a beautiful patterned canvas I longed to see again...

The moment we saw this patterned Pitcher from Belgium, we knew it for certain - we just had to have it.  Our Bohemian inspired pitchers are sure to bring their whimsy and charms to your table. With its simple, classic shape and easy, carefree pattern, this pitcher is truly that patterned canvas we have been looking for.

3 1/2" tall.  Dishwasher and Microwave Safe.

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Bohemian Creamer
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