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Belle Époque Paris Trocadéro Glass Wall Plaque

Belle Époque Paris Trocadéro Glass Wall Plaque


From the markets of the Loire Valley, a rare and interesting Paris Trocadéro Glass Wall Plaque. Lovingly hand-crafted in the late 1800s, this Glass Wall Plaque served as a souvenir during the Exposition Universelle, Paris' third World's Fair held in 1878.

Much larger than any previous World's Fair, the exhibition of fine arts was on a large and comprehensive scale. Just one example of the work revealed at the Exposition Universelle was the head of the Statue of Liberty. In fact, on June 30 1878, the head of what would become the most famous statue in the world was first displayed in the gardens of the Palais du Trocadéro, the monument which decorates this plaque.

Standing on the Chaillot hill overlooking the Seine river in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, the Trocadéro Palace stood directly opposite the Eiffel Tower. Demolished in the 1930s, the old Palais du Trocadéro was replaced with the current art deco monument, the Palais de Chaillot.

A rare find for sure, we are drawn to the unique history and artistry of this piece. Reverse-painted on glass in colors of deep green and red, gold and silver speckles surround the piece's outer edge. The plaque hangs from a soft fabric cord.  With its Belle Époque aesthetic and rich historic provenance, this lovely antique Wall Plaque's story will be complete when it comes home to you.

Simply one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. 7". In good antique condition bearing signs of its age, which include small areas where the paint has flaked off the reverse side of the glass.

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Belle Époque Paris Trocadéro Glass Wall Plaque
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