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Bamboo Cheese Board

Bamboo Cheese Board


Bleu or Chaumes
Brie or Gruyère
Chèvre or Stilton
  I have certainly loved them all...

Not to mention crème fraîche, beurre, fromage blanc, babeurre... We just can't help ourselves - we are having a love affair with cheese...and this practical Bamboo Cheese Board is the perfect pairing!  The sturdy bamboo provides an easy surface to display and serve your favorite fromage. With a handle for easy entertaining, this board has given us yet another reason to offer a cheese course.

  "...wait, which is the Brie de Meaux and which is the Brie de Melun?"... What does it matter! Enjoy all your favorite cheeses on this handsome Bamboo Cheese Board.

Hand wash only.  15 1/8" long x 6" wide. 5/8" thick. Knives not included.

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Bamboo Cheese Board Bamboo Cheese Board Bamboo Cheese Board
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