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Antique Pernod Tarragona Absinthe Glass With "Brouilleur"

Antique Pernod Tarragona Absinthe Glass With "Brouilleur"


When absinthe was outlawed in France in 1915, many of the top French producers - such as Pernod, moved their operations to the city of Tarragona, Spain where absinthe was still legal. This also created a  need for locally-produced absinthe glasses and drippers. The demand for this Spanish absinthe and all its accoutrements was greatly enhanced when famed American author Ernest Hemingway spent time in Spain in the 1920s.  Photographs of Hemingway enjoying a "Tarragona" glass of absinthe made the illicit drink that much more popular. 

Found at market in the Basque country of France, this rare, original antique Tarragona absinthe glass is complete with its "brouilleur" or dripper.  A brouilleur (French for mixer) is another method used for adding sugar and water to absinthe. By simply adding a sugar cube and ice water into the dripper, the sweetened chilled water drips one drop at a time through a small hole in the bottom, into the glass of absinthe below.

This glass and dripper set came out of a long-shuttered Spanish taberna in the port city of Tarragona. Both the glass and its dripper are decorated with the brand name Pernod and the name Tarragona. There is also a blue fill-line that shows the exact amount of absinthe to serve.

No one knows for sure whether Ernest Hemingway himself ever used this Tarragona absinthe glass while he was living in Spain...but no one knows for sure that he didn't!

Strictly one-of-a-kind and subject to prior sale. In very good antique condition. 3 1/4" x 7 1/4" with brouilleur, 5 7/8" without brouilleur.

Learn More About Using an Absinthe Dripper

Much more convenient than a carafe, an absinthe dripper, or in French, brouille-absinthe, lets you add iced water and sugar to your absinthe without water splashing everywhere, and it has the advantage of being very compact. To use a dripper, pour a measure of absinthe into your glass. Set the dripper on top of the glass. Place a sugar cube in the bottom of the dripper, fill the dripper with ice cubes, and then fill up the dripper with water. Enjoy the cloudy louche forming in the absinthe in your glass. Add 3-6 parts water for one part absinthe. If you are used to reproductions of earlier absinthe drippers, the hole might seem large to you, meaning the water flows quite quickly. If you want to take things a bit more slowly, a trick among absintheurs in the know, who often prefer their absinthe without sugar, is to place a glass marble in the bottom of the dripper.


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Antique Pernod Tarragona Absinthe Glass With "Brouilleur" Antique Pernod Tarragona Absinthe Glass With "Brouilleur"
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