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Antique Belgian Beer Poster

Antique Belgian Beer Poster


To say that "beer is to Belgium what wine is to France" is something of an understatement. While Belgium contributes just 1% of global beer production, it brews 10 times more per head than the global average. And though, at around 2 billion liters a year, it's not the biggest brewer in Europe (that top spot being held by Germany), it certainly wins out on the diversity and versatility of its beer culture.

That's something recognised globally. Almost two-thirds of Belgian beer production is destined for export. From that point of view Belgium is undoubtedly the European champion. But what defines Belgian beer culture, making it so unique that it has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage?

First and foremost, the sheer number and diversity of traditional Belgian beer styles, from abbey beer to fruity lambiek. Belgian Beer Styles have a seemingly endless variety of brewing process, color, texture, method of fermentation, yeasts used and of course the knowledge and tradition that goes in to brewing them.

In the early 20th century, Belgium had more than 3,000 breweries and well over 200,000 cafés, which meant there was a café for every five homes. With centuries of tradition, to this day, beer remains Belgium's drink of choice.

Found at market in Belgium, an antique promotional poster made for the Export brand of beer produced by the Brasserie Waterloo Bracquegnies.  Bottled at the brasserie, the beer boasts a "high density, low fermentation beer made of pure malt and hops". With bold, richly colored Art Deco graphics, the poster is printed on heavy paperboard and features a large golden beer in the foreground with Waterloo's famed Lion's Mound in the background. A delightful find from a country where beer is much more than just beer, this colorful poster will be a beloved addition to your home bar. Santé!

Strictly limited quantities (at listing, a total of 4 posters are available) and subject to prior sale. 13" x 10.25". In very good antique condition with only the expected wear and slight discoloration of age.

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