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Learn More About Art Nouveau

The Art Nouveau Movement (1890 - 1910) began at a time of great awakening in the attitudes and behaviors of Victorian-era people. Attitudes towards women were transforming rapidly and the early suffrage movements for women were already beginning in England. Women were experiencing more financial and political control and were breaking away from their traditional roles as objects to be repressed, controlled or utilized.

Femininity and sensuality now became core cultural values and found their way into the art and design during this period. The newly liberated female form was given expression in art and was a popular motif with her long, flowing hair symbolizing all things feminine and carefree.

The most popular female motif was the face of a young woman in profile, but the female form was expressed in every way, fully nude or loosely clothed. Sometimes the woman would be presented with birds, flowers and insects; sometimes, as a hybrid creature. Regardless of the form she took, she would always be shown to be romantic and ethereal, with the sublime beauty and grace that is a beloved hallmark of the Art Nouveau Movement.

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