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Vintage Trenton China Blue Spraymist Bowl

Vintage Trenton China Blue Spraymist Bowl


From the corner diner to the bustling bistro to your very own kitchen cupboard at home, restaurant china is as popular as ever. This American-made china has stood the test of time for good reason: it's sturdy, unpretentious, classic and true.   

With a scalloped edge adding homespun charm, we're pleased to offer these handsome, limited stock bowls produced by the long-defunct Trenton China Company. Traditionally used in restaurants and diners for serving half a grapefruit, these bowls are also ideal for cereal, yogurt, a small salad or dessert.

With their charming sky blue spraymist decoration around their rim, they will be a friendly addition to any kitchen!

Strictly limited quantities and subject to prior sale. Dishwasher, Microwave and Oven Safe. 6.5" in diameter.

Learn More About Our Vintage Restaurant Ware

Found in the shuttered warehouse of a third-generation, family-owned restaurant supply company in Chicago, we are proud to offer a limited collection of unused restaurant ware.  Dating from the 1950s to the 1980s, these nostalgic, American-made pieces are about as honest as dinnerware gets.  Clean, simple shapes decorated with the colors and patterns reminiscent of their era.  And above all, these pieces are of a quality that is near impossible to find today at any price.

Learn More About Trenton China

There was a time, when a traveler could come to America by sail or steamship, cross the country by rail and stay in the finest hotels, and never once eat off a dish that wasn't made in Trenton, N.J. So prolific were the potters of Trenton, that their wares and their reputation for quality were known far and wide.

As early as 1869, the pottery industry was growing in Trenton, when Thomas Maddock and his family founded a number of potteries there. By 1901, D. William Scammell joined the Maddocks and soon was investing in the company. In 1923, he bought the remaining interest in the company and changed the name to the Scammell China Company.

Scammell made hotel and railroad china under the names Lamberton China and Trenton China and soon became a leading restaurant china producer. Despite the many decades of success, the company was eventually purchased by Sterling China and closed its doors forever in 1954.

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Vintage Trenton China Blue Spraymist Bowl Vintage Trenton China Blue Spraymist Bowl Vintage Trenton China Blue Spraymist Bowl Vintage Trenton China Blue Spraymist Bowl
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