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Posh Pancakes Book

Posh Pancakes Book


To quote our beloved, "Pancakes Make People Happy" china, Posh Pancakes is a bright and sunny book on - what else - pancakes! Dripping with blueberries, stuffed with bananas, or dusted with sugar and chocolate drops, we have to ask... is there really any other way to start the day than with a pancake?

That's why we love the Posh Pancakes Book. A joyful, from-the-heart exploration of the best of the best in pancakes the world over, we can't help but consider this delectable pancake book a true page turner!

Posh Pancakes brings you over 70 recipes from all around the world. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert, the dishes include Chinese pancakes with duck and hoisin sauce, spicy Mexican hotcakes with avocado and chilli, classic English pikelets, as well as the quintessential French crêpes Suzette.

Approachable and charming, we have our griddles, syrup, and bellies ready after this cheery read! With a pancake guide of just about every variety and romantic imagery for every single recipe, you're sure to flip over all the delicious, scrumptious, savory and sweet... pancakes! Get it while it's hot!

160 pages. 8 5/8" x 6 5/8".

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Posh Pancakes Book
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