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Hotel & Restaurant Candles - Box of 20

Hotel & Restaurant Candles - Box of 20


Produced by one of the oldest candle manufacturers in France, these beautiful white tapers were originally developed for commercial use.  They are still being produced today on the same century-old machine as when they were first introduced. 

What makes them so unique are the five small holes that run the length of the candle - from top to bottom.  The holes allow the unburned liquid wax to drain into the candle assuring a consistent intensity of flame without the risk of messy drips.  The science behind it involves the reduced intensity of a flame after a candle has been relit & its compromised ability to normally combust and properly burn the liquifying wax...blah, blah, blah...  The bottom line is they are some of the best tapers we have found & we are quite confident you will agree!

Height: 9" Burn Time: +/- 7 hours

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Hotel & Restaurant Candles - Box of 20
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