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Hotel & Restaurant Candles - Box of 8

Hotel & Restaurant Candles - Box of 8


Produced by one of the oldest candle manufacturers in France, these beautiful white tapers were originally developed for commercial use.  They are still being produced today on the same century-old machine as when they were first introduced. 

What makes them so unique are the five small holes that run the length of the candle - from top to bottom.  The holes allow the unburned liquid wax to drain into the candle assuring a consistent intensity of flame without the risk of messy drips.  The science behind it involves the reduced intensity of a flame after a candle has been relit & its compromised ability to normally combust and properly burn the liquifying wax...blah, blah, blah...  The bottom line is they are some of the best tapers we have found & we are quite confident you will agree!

Height: 9" Burn Time: +/- 7 hours

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Hotel & Restaurant Candles - Box of 8
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