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Chicago Blue Plate Special Dinner Plate

Chicago Blue Plate Special Dinner Plate


"A Blue Plate Special is a low-priced daily diner special: a main course with all the fixins, a daily combo, a square for two bits."  ~Anthology of 1930s Prose

First appearing in 1892 on a Fred Harvey Company restaurant menu, the phrase "Blue Plate Special" seemed to capture the restless spirit of America: folks traveling from coast-to-coast in search of adventure, employment and the sheer enjoyment of being on the open road.  The term became increasing popular in the late 1920s as more and more roadside diners and restaurants advertised a Blue Plate Special of a "meat and three" (three vegetables) all on one divided plate at a low price. 

The phrase Blue Plate Special has an undeniable "down home" feel, but it was also used in the big cities.  A New York Times article from December 2, 1928, lamenting the rise in prices that made it difficult to "dine on a dime", praises a restaurant on Ann Street where you can still get "a steak-and-lots-of-onion sandwich for a dime" and a "big blue-plate special, with meat course and three vegetables, is purchasable for a quarter, just as it has been for the last ten years."

But why blue?  Why is it called a Blue Plate Special?  There are a few theories explaining the origin, but frankly none of them are all that satisfying.  It is believed that restaurants would serve this inexpensive daily offering on a single divided plate and that for no particular reason, that plate was either blue in color or a popular blue and white pattern such as the classic Blue Willow.

Whatever the reason, we're still charmed by our hometown's Blue Plate Special.  Produced here in the United States by the heritage Homer Laughlin China company of West Virginia, the Chicago Blue Plate Special is a P.O.S.H. classic first offered over 15 years ago and looking just as fresh today! 

The Chicago Blue Plate Special: get 'em while they're hot!

Dishwasher, Microwave and Oven Safe. 10 3/8" in diameter.

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Chicago Blue Plate Special Dinner Plate Chicago Blue Plate Special Dinner Plate
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